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“Sangre Mextiza” Art Exhibition

Portraying diverse narratives through the potent medium of art through the unique lenses of three diferent artists.

Explore together the theme of 'Sangre Mextiza', a homage to our shared past.

This exhibition presents a dialogue with history, an understanding of our present, and an anticipation of a continually blending future.”



"Spaik, a versatile Mexican artist, is celebrated for his artworks rich with Latin American folklore. While his primary canvas remains Mexico, his influence reverberates globally, reaching from the vibrant streets of Europe to the dynamic landscapes of the Americas and North Africa. His paintings intricately weave local traditions with mythical narratives, making each piece a captivating story in itself.”



"Cix, born as Antonio Triana to Chinanteco and Zapotec parents, proudly infuses his heritage into his art. He has pioneered a unique style of urban art, imbuing it with surrealism, mysticism, and pre-Hispanic cultural elements. Cix's striking use of intense textures and colors has propelled his work to cities from London to Brazil, permeating the global stage. He's worked with eminent brands like Redbull and Pepsi, amplifying the reach of his vibrant designs. As a testament to his commitment to foster the next generation, Cix shares his expertise through workshops at Arca México and Faro Tláhuac, considering this knowledge transfer integral to his artistic growth and a meaningful contribution to youth's lives.



Katrina Rupit (KinMx) Kathrina Rupit, a dynamo in the global art scene, calls Dublin, Ireland her creative home. Her influential contemporary works have gained international acclaim, with collaborations spanning Greenpeace to the United Nations. As a muralist, she crafts peace, awareness, and joy into kaleidoscopic artwork, informed by her cultural explorations. Kathrina's artistry inspires personal revolutions, aiming to evoke introspection and delight among her audience.





Mictlantecuhtli y los abuelos small.jpg


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