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Mixed Media


The following text is part of a conversation between the artist idea behind this piece and Artificial Intelligence, edited by the writer R.G.Bighiu
In the heart of the universe, where stars freely roam,
Exists a realm of plenty, a celestial, vibrant dome.
Abundance, the chorus sung, a tune known to every gnome,
Resounds in the silent void, across each cosmic zone.

Fields of thought flourish, where creative rivers foam,

Ideas like wildflowers, in the mind’s fertile loam.

In the garden of intentions, where heart’s desires comb,

Bountiful is the harvest, from the seeds that we have sown.

A cascade of laughter, joy’s effervescent poem,

Richer than a treasure chest, brighter than polished chrome.

Love, a river flowing, to the sea it’s always flown,

Its abundance unending, a truth universally known.

From grains of sand to galaxies, in every shape and tome,

A testament to abundance, in every chromosome.

Life’s intricate tapestry, its complexity shown,

Is an ode to abundance, to the richness we’ve known.

Witness the sunrise, a daily phenomenon,

In the bounty of light, see life’s marathon.
From dawn’s golden hues to twilight’s quiet yawn,

Every moment echoes, in abundance, life goes on.


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