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This is where my passion comes alive, and my imagination takes flight.

Open to collaborations & artistic adventures.


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"Portraying Dublin" (Triptych)

This project comprises three murals representing Dublin from various angles: the city's typical architecture, its cosmopolitan diversity and equality as the capital, and the natural beauty of the local wildlife.

KinMx diversity

Art Scape - Sweden

The theme, a mix of poetry and art history

We played a “broken phone/whispers game” connecting a historical iconic artwork with a wordsmith - and then back to a visual representation,  each artwork different, poets with unique styles.


I received a beautifully crafted text,

The text begins with “You will look at us and think, ‘Oh, they look alike,’” and delves into generations and the reminder that “plenty happens outside the frame.”

I chose to symbolize generations with the traditional floral motifs originating from the center, echoing the real flowers that these women wear in their hair, which is full of stars.

I’m celebrating traditions intertwined with nature, a peaceful knowledge that nature whispers generation after generation.


“Sangre Mextiza”
Art Exhibition 2023

Portraying diverse narratives through the potent medium of art through the unique lenses of three distinct artists.

Explore together the theme of 'Sangre Mextiza', a homage to our shared past.

This exhibition presents a dialogue with history, an understanding of our present, and an anticipation of a continually blending future.”

Urban Animation"

'Urban Animation' is a collaborative project between Killkeny City Council,  Cartoon Saloon & Kinmx.

Bringing all the elements of visual art together to form a augmented project using  street art as the bridge to unvail another reality, another story and at the same time give permanence to the creative process now available for everyone to see.

-Tree of Life -



Mexican Embassy"

Dialogues to Frida"

Group Art exhibition curated by Attila Gullu at Ankara, Turkey

The Grace"

In partnership with Grace O'Malley Irish Whiskey + Subset
A  60ft by 40ft public artwork sees a contemporary, artistic interpretation of the famous Irish pirate queen,

Grace O’Malley, take up residency on Aungier Street in Dublin.

Visual Poetry

The Artwork is called Humanist’

Poem written and recited by Cait Morrow

Video edited & directed by Pedro Giaquinto

For the art exhibition Unity" at the Mexican Embassy in Ireland.

Kildare Village

Spring Campaign 2022
with the Minaw Collective

Minaw Collective + Kildare village summer 2021

Mur-Murs Festival

Festival de Street art à Decazeville, dans l'Aveyron,  2019.


Emmené par l'artiste JO di Bona,

ce 1er festival Street Art en Aveyron réunira 20 artistes mondialement connus.

Do What Moves you

Summer campaign  2018      

The Reputations Agency + BACARDI

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