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Art and Research Centre

Nestled in the heart of Tulum jungle, Mexico.

Empowering Global Good

This off-grid space is designed to inspire artistic experimentation in harmony with nature while connecting creatives from diverse backgrounds and fostering cross-cultural exchanges.

Ik Muluk Purpose

  1. Nurturing Creativity:
    Offering artists, creatives, and researchers a unique space to immerse in the jungle's beauty and find inspiration through art residency programs, workshops, and exhibitions.


  2. Sustainable Practices:
    We are deeply committed to the exploration, the learning , the knowlage exchange that can foster the creation of sustainable arts.


  3. Family-Friendly Environment:
    We believe that artists, creatives, and researchers shouldn't have to sacrifice family time to pursue their passion.
    That's why our space is family-friendly. We encourage female creatives to continue exploring their craft at any stage of motherhood.


  4. Promoting Cross-Cultural Exchange & Community Development:
    Connecting creatives from diverse backgrounds, fostering cross-cultural exchanges. We aim to create a vibrant hub where artists, creatives, and researchers worldwide can collaborate.

    By supporting Ik Muluk, you invest in regenerative arts,
    blending science and art to steward our beautiful planet.

Support Our Cause
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The Lime Cycle
Also known as the calcium cycle

Do you know

Lime, as it cures, absorbs CO2 from the air, thereby aiding in carbon capture as part of the natural "lime cycle."


  • Process: Slaked lime (calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)₂) reacts with carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the air.

  • Chemical Reaction:


  • Result: Limestone (calcium carbonate, CaCO₃) and water (H₂O).

During carbonation, CO₂ is absorbed from the atmosphere to form calcium carbonate, acting as a carbon sink. These components can be used in paint and bio-construction.

Science Class
Tropical Leaves
From there, the possibilities became limitless— The intersection of art, science, and the preservation of our planet become the thrive to start this project.

Our Activities.

Ik Muluk started in late 2022 with a handful of artists camping and laying foundations in the jungle. Self-funded and still under construction, we've organized the first international artist exchange between Mexico and Ireland, plus art exhibitions and workshops. We're dedicated to enriching experiences for creatives and artists. Explore our past projects and get involved—we'd love to hear from you!

International Artist Exchange Programs

Explore new cultures, meet fellow artists, and learn from diverse perspectives. Our tailored experiences ensure you make the most of your creative journey.

Image magazine_edited.jpg
Image magazine_edited_edited.jpg
Streets of Dublin A6 Flyer.jpg

"Streets of Dublin Exhibition"

Phase Space Art Center, Dublin

As part of our international exchange between
Ik-Muluk (MEX) and Phase Space Art Center (IRE)
The event showcased the work of over 25 local and international street artists including Spaik, Cix.DMT.
The opening night, featuring drinks sponsored by
Grace O'Malley Whiskey, included live music, live painting, and a weekend local Creatives Market showcasing illustrations, jewelry, clothing, knitting, and self-publications by local writers.

Get in Touch!

And be part of Ik-Muluk
We're excited to welcome collaborators, artists, creatives, builders, volunteers, and sponsors. If you're interested in getting involved, we'd love to hear from you!

We appreciate our collaborators and offer various opportunities based on what you're looking for.
Help us grow our vibrant community and make a difference together.

+353 892292908

Thank you for your message!

Tropical Leaves

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate:
    Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant impact. Your donation will directly support the construction and development of Ik Muluk.


  2. Spread the Word:
    Share our history with your friends, family, and social media networks.
    Help us raise awareness about Ik Muluk and the importance of sustainable art spaces. Together, we can reach a wider audience and gather the support needed to bring this visionary project to life.


  3. Volunteer:
    If you're passionate about sustainable practices, art, or community development, consider volunteering your time and skills to support Ik Muluk.
    From assisting at site on all type of building and permaculture to providing administrative help, your contribution will be invaluable.


  4. Partner with Us:
    Are you a business or organization interested in collaborating with Ik Muluk?
    We welcome partnerships and sponsorships that align with our values and vision.
    Contact us to explore opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.


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