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Triptych // Portraying Dublin

Grand Canal


This part of the triptych is an homage to the essence of the Grand Canal, a hidden gem in the heart of the city.
At the forefront is the majestic heron, a native inhabitant of the canal and a true guardian of its secrets.

The Bold navy lines mirroring the graceful movement of the river. The heron, proudly standing in the foreground, is a symbol of nature's resilience, with its poised elegance, captures the spirit of the Grand Canal.
It stands tall and still, a sentinel of the waterway's magic and serenity. Its presence invokes a sense of tranquility, reminding us of the subtle wonders that can be found within the city's embrace.


The colour palette, chosen with meticulous care, harmoniously complements the other two murals in the triptych. It weaves a visual thread that ties together the fauna, flora, and architecture of the city. Together, these three murals embody the soul of the city, showcasing the urban wilderness and the magic that thrives amidst the concrete jungle.

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