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Triptych // Portraying Dublin

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This artwork invites viewers on a visual journey that captures the essence of Dublin, harmonizing the natural beauty of Ireland with its rich architectural heritage and iconic landmarks.

At its center, the Samuel Beckett Bridge stands tall, a symbol of Dublin's contemporary spirit. Its distinctive, harp-inspired shape spans across the River Liffey, connecting the vibrant neighborhoods on either side. The bridge's sleek lines and striking design are accentuated by the mural's edgy aesthetics

Dublin City

The city's architecture, depicted in sketchy lines, exudes a sense of history and vitality.

The irregular, imperfect lines showcase Dublin's organic development, a city that's evolved over time. The spray-paint patterns seamlessly complement these lines, adding an urban twist to the traditional.

And amidst the urban chaos, soft, natural shapes of leaves emerge. They represent the harmony between nature and city life, reminding us that even in the heart of a bustling metropolis, the beauty of nature can still be found.
These leaves offer a calming contrast to the city's energy, inviting viewers to pause and reflect.

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