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Artist: Spaik                              

Canvas 400 gms
Unique piece  
Size: 50x60 cm



In the heartland of Mexico, where the sun gleams gold, Lies Michoacán, a tale of time beautifully told. Rugged mountains, lush forests, a sight to behold, A gem in nature’s bounty, its charm never grows old.

People strong as mountain stone, refusing to comply, Their unity unbroken, under the sun’s high sigh. Defying the storm’s roar, they let out a battle cry, Neither fear nor corruption, their resolve can belie.

Children play in tranquil streets, as time goes gently by, Beneath the old church tower, that stretches to the sky. Women weave tales of courage, in patterns that apply, Strength woven in each thread, as their looms swiftly ply.

Farmers tend their golden fields, beneath the sun’s hot pry, Harvesting the fruits of freedom, that no price can buy. Artisans in their workshops, under the moon’s sly spy, Crafting peace in every piece, an homage to the high.

Michoacán, a land of beauty, where tales are finely tolled, A mosaic of nature and culture, of the new and the old. From your verdant hills to your spirits bold, You’re a testament to life, a story brightly scrolled.


Text by R.G. Bighiu

Fiesta Michoacana

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