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Anitya" - Sanskrit for "impermanence":
"Everything changes, and nothing lasts forever."
Everything, from our emotions to our thoughts and feelings, from the cells in our bodies to the plants around us, is continuously changing and decaying.
Even our perspectives change and evolve as we grow.

This piece embodies my own perspective on impermanence, reflecting my constant shifts in artistic style, closely tied to my life experiences.

Unlike other pieces, it does not strive to endure indefinitely; instead, it seeks to lead a meaningful existence and ultimately return to the embrace of Mother Earth, leaving behind only the essence of what it once was and, hopefully, it's existance inspiring others.

I have created this piece while considering my own carbon footprint. 👣 I deliberately observed and questioned... coffee waste, paper cups, paper bags, wood ash... These seemingly ordinary objects often end up in landfills. The more I investigated, the more opportunities I discovered to reuse valuable materials and grant them a new life, a new purpose


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