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Limited Edition #2 of 10
Size: 40x50cm
Framed €500

"Flaming Heart," a beacon bright, in life's grand art, A fiery core within us, a force that won't depart.
A torch that fuels our passions, makes us who we are,
A blaze within that mirrors, the brilliance of a star.
Its warmth encompasses mountains, draped in winter's white,
A heart aflame with love, breaks the coldest night.
Valleys bathed in verdant hues, under the sun's pure light,
Bear witness to its vigor, its unwavering might.
Rivers flow with fervor, mirroring its rhythmic beat,
A symphony of life, resounding, ever sweet.
From the tiniest seed that sprouts, to the eagle's lofty feat,
Its flame nurtures all life, a cycle so replete.In its blaze, forests find a voice, in whispers soft and clear,
A chorus of the wild, for those who choose to hear. The oceans' mighty depths, hold no trace of fear, For the flaming heart's expanse, to them, is near and dear.
This "Flaming Heart" that beats within, is nature's sacred part, A mirror of the world, in its every chart. All the Earth within it dwells, from life's very start.

Edited by R.G.Bighiu

Flaming Heart

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