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Artist: KinMx
Original, Mixed Media
Size: 80x110 cm
In her realm of secrets, the Night Oracle, silent yet grand,Journeyed she through galaxies, a mystic voyage planned,Her figure a star-studded silhouette, wisdom's sacred band.
Deep in trance, our Sibyl unveiled paths of mythic land,Under the dream-veil, she sought truth's unending strand.Amid blooming gardens and smoky lore, she took her stand,A peacock, her spirit guide, beside her in this far-off sand.
Thus, the peacock became a phoenix, transcending mortal strife, Through the cycles of rebirth, it embraced eternal life. Guiding the Night Oracle through realms of ancient lore, An emblem of wisdom, reborn forevermore.

Edited by R.G.Bighiu


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