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A whisper of wisdom, a story retold.
Reminded of priestesses, knowledge profound,
Unearthed in excavations, truths to astound.

Curanderas, Vraci, Ban-Drui, and more,
Keepers of All Knowledge, their wisdom in store.
Mycology reveals what the hearth women knew,
The bonds of Matter and Mind, a symbiosis true.
A fungus, ancient and grand in its worth,
Earth's oldest organism, nurturing new birth.

With every human breakthrough, a familiar refrain,
Old-folks' traditions, wisdom is not in vain.

The Flesh of the Gods, the elders once named,
Mushrooms transforming, rock's grip reclaimed.
Same way balance is sought in body, mind, and soul,
Or how a triskelion symbol reveals wisdom's sacred role.

We silenced the holders, those who spoke out,
Denying their privilege, stifling their clout.
But in the heartbeat's rhythm, the language beats deep,
The universe's voice, for all souls to keep.
Memories of old women, keepers absolute.

Baba-Yagas, wise souls, in cultures wide,
Guardians of knowledge, our eternal guide.
They sustain us, unite us, just like fungi's embrace,
Mind, body, and soul, a harmonious space.

Interpretations diverse, as eyes behold,
Yet common ground found, stories untold.
Good art resurrects forgotten seeds,
Ignites the hearth's fire, fulfilling our needs.

This is an ode profound,To fungi's teachings and those who expound.Grandmas, baba-yagas, curanderas of yore,Shedding light on evolution, our ecosystems to restore.

Written by R.G.Bighiu


Artwork Specifications:

  • Print size  A2 (L.E 100)
  • Supplied with certificate of authenticity to provide limited edition provenance
  • Presented on museum-grade,  Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper stock.
  • Guaranteed archival quality for 100+ years
  • Free tracked+insured shipping to anywhere in the world


"I'm proud to say that my prints are sustainably packaged and carbon neutral from end-to-end.
This was only made possible by the amazing efforts of my print studio partner The Print Space, who have worked incredibly hard to carefully inspect every stage of their printing and shipping process.



The Keepers of old Knowledge

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