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Mextiza" (English version)
What symbol could embody humanity's quest?

Is there an emblem to capture our zest?

A journey long, twists and turns we endure,

In us, the rhythm of life, pure and sure.

A beacon resonating through space and time,
Encapsulating humanity, sublime.
Witness to our struggles, our grace in flight,
In all our phases, reflecting our light.
We are the testament, the history unfurled,
A blend of worlds, we are the world.
The symbol of humanity, beautifully mixed,
We are Mextizos, of many faces, transfixed.

Edited by R.G.Bighiu



  • Print size  A2 (L.E 100)
  • Supplied with certificate of authenticity to provide limited edition provenance
  • Presented on museum-grade,  Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper stock.
  • Guaranteed archival quality for 100+ years
  • Free tracked+insured shipping to anywhere in the world


"I'm proud to say that my prints are sustainably packaged and carbon neutral from end-to-end.
This was only made possible by the amazing efforts of my print studio partner The Print Space, who have worked incredibly hard to carefully inspect every stage of the process.




SKU: 7234857-2137741
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