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Mixed Media, Oil, spraypaint, acrylic, collage.


This concept gathers different elements
of the Tree of life from these 3 nations
in the garment that the woman carries.
Weaving is big tradition of this 3
nations as well, and the Mayan
mythology said that women was
weaving the universe with the threads
of life’s energy.
‘The design of the Universe is woven
with clarity and purpose, line by line
into Maya cloth. The weaver maps the
motion of the sun through the heavens
and the Underworld, through time and
space. With the repetition of the
“universe” design, the lordly sun is
prompted to continue his journey.
A Maya woman weaves the cosmos as
it awakens.’
Maya Threads: A Woven History of
Chiapas, Mexico. -Linda Ligon, publisher

The Weaver

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