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Limited Edition of 10 Fine art prints on natural cotton canvas. (Unstretch canvas)

Stretch Canvas

+ € 50 only available at the Tree of Life exhibition.

Talk with the artist if you are interested.

Thank you


Resilience of sea Nature (Mural Izmir)
During her travels, Kathrina learned of the fact that due to pollution, a selection of coral and other sea species e.g sea horses & starfish, had disappeared from İzmir’s shores in recent years.
Thanks to various ecological programs which have been introduced throughout the country, these species have since begun to return to these coastlines due to increased oxygen levels in the sea.
In solidarity, Kathrina decided to not use spray-paint for this public artwork and instead used alternative paint options.
The making of this mural was documented and film as part of this exhibition.

Resilience of Sea Nature

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