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Mixed Media, collage, oil, spraypaint, ink, acrylic.


Mixed Media Canvas
– from the Greek
psuche (life breath, spirit, soul, mind) and
nautes (sailor, navigator).
During her trip, Kathrina was surprised to find a mosaic of the Flower of Life in Ephesus (İzmir).
This was to be found along with the Artemis Temple, sculptures of philosophers-Socrates,
Plato and Aristotle-and even the house where the Virgin Mary was thought to have lived.
Inspired by all of these figures and how they have been viewed as navigators of the soul,
Kathrina has developed a work which nods to this exploration of philosophical concepts -
reality, the human mind, the soul and God.
The artwork depicts a woman navigating the soul, surrounded by water and geometric shapes
The woman’s state of meditation forms a trisquel on her fronthead, one of the most iconic
Irish symbols and also geometrical part of the flower of life.


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