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Mixed Media, Oil, ink, acrylics, collage, spray-paint.


A part of me surrenders to the never-ending infinite.
Each piece of me is a fractal containing fragments of what I call “me” not “I”.
I become “All” just to please my self-importance that didn’t want to name the “Nothing”, but I am “Nothing” and still, I am “All”.
Where the lines between Good and bad disolve;

These dualities synthesized in Compassion for the self that continuously transforms itself within this physical and ephemeral world.

I’m not my body
I’m not my thoughts
I’m not my feelings
I’m the awareness that experience it all.

Love suddenly as big it could feel, it become the same as me... though this woman is not the one that merges in the universe of love. She is just the bodily expression of a very opinionated witness, the matter.
Therefore, my life experience dissolves, like created information spreading to the current of life itself, within all the dualities, forever mixing &  forever experiencing itself.

Forbidden Fruit"

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