Linen canvas, Mixed media

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This piece was carefully made by layering collage, spray paint, acrylic paint, charcoals and resin.

The Journey of this piece starts in India (Goa) while in an art residency, I search for unique handmade papers, and local popular papers.

I paint the first layer, the piece was exhibited in a Duo exhibition with the awesome artist "iljin", but from the begining I knew this piece will have a longer journey.

It traveled with me till I back home, I placed it on my art studio in Dublin, I put together all the pieces adding traces of my personal journey, newspapers, drawings.immigration papers.etc 

later I add 2 layers of resin in diferent times to create a very interesting texture, like if is a shallow water on the top reacting and playing with the patterns of paint.

Just like life can look sometimes , when you look to the front it is all kind of shapes and colours, representing situations and feelings but you can also look at it from another perspectic and see no shapes at all just colors under the wather, like a moment of quiet mind.


Layers (120x80cm)